Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why Building Your Aquaponics System in Backyard

Why on earth would you want to create an aquaponics system in your backyard? Simply put for control. Control over the quality of the food you eat and control over the quantity you produce. Creating a garden can be fun or for some it may be back breaking work. However with a aquaponics system a lot of the back-breaking work is eliminated.

Aquaponics System: Flexibility in Location

The beauty of the aquaponics system is you can do it indoors or outdoors and create any size that you desire. So if you want to create a small herb garden with some gold fish then that is great! It is the perfect marriage of two worlds that being fish farming, (aquaculture), and farming without the soil (hydroponics), aquaponics systems are utilizing the ecological benefits of both, at the same time minimizing any negative aspects.

Talk about the ultimate win-win situation beneficial to both plants and the fish, and returning outstanding results in the process. In your system the fish are healthy and resistant to a variety of infections and different diseases. Your fish will be less stressed than in other aquaculture type systems perhaps because of the lack of chemicals that leech into the water.

Aquaponics System: Cost Efficient

Your plants will be healthy as well and return increased yields, for much the same reason; however the benefits do not stop there. The process is also very cost efficient to the farmer, with no chemicals to purchase, reduced plant food costs and no investment for expensive treatments to combat infection.

The benefits do not stop there, your food will taste better and your fish will thrive in the environment you have created for them. You will also save water in process because it is recycled from the fish tank to the plant growing beds, is that perfect or what?


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